Version 1.10 has been released for the Fire TV.
Please update the Fire TV app for compatibility with the latest Fire TV OS update.

Mouse Toggle for Fire TV

A mouse for your Fire TV



Use your regular remote as a mouse

Scrolling, clicking, long clicking, and dragging

Works just like a regular mouse.

Auto Device Discovery

Auto detects your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick for simple setup. The app also has a manual ip address entry feature too.


1 - Fire TV

Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick are supported.

2 - Phone or tablet

Android phone or tablet to configure the app

3 - Remote

The stock Fire TV or Fire TV Stick remote.


How do I enable adb debugging on the Fire TV?

Settings - System - Developer options
Settings - Device - Developer options
ADB Debugging: ENABLED
Apps from Unknown Sources: ENABLED

How do I switch between the regular remote and mouse modes?

Press the 'play / pause' button 2 times quickly on the remote to toggle between the normal remote and mouse functions.

What does each key do when in mouse mode?

Up, Down, Left, and Right: moves the mouse pointer
Select: mouse click
Menu: scroll wheel up
Fast Fwd: scroll wheel down

Where can I find the IP Address of my Fire TV?

Settings - System - About - Network
Settings - Device - About - Network

The app states the network connection has timed out. Help?

Please toggle the 'ADB Debugging' setting(Settings - System - Developer options) on the Fire TV off and then on again.

I can not activate the mouse mode. Help?

Please verify that you are pressing the 'play / pause' button 2 times quickly(300ms).

Also verify the app status says started in the lower left corner. If you continue to experience issues please contact support at the email address below.

The status is stuck on starting. Help?

If the status is stuck on starting please toggle ADB Debugging off and then on again as that will usually resolve the issue.

The troubleshoot section in the phone app will also find and resolve common issues.

I have a Fire TV 3rd Generation and the mouse coordinates are off.

The Fire TV 3rd Generation has a bug that affects the mouse position unless the display settings are set to 1080p 50Hz. This issue also occurs with a real hardware mouse. So a temporary workaround until this is resolved is to adjust the display settings via the Fire TV settings(Settings - Display & Sounds - Display - Resolution - 1080p 50Hz).

I have the Element Fire TV Edition and the status is stuck on starting.

Open the app on the phone then navigate to the troubleshoot section. If the troubleshooting ends in failure then select the Force Start menu option while in the troubleshoot section. Then press the refresh button to update the troubleshooting results.

I have other questions. Help?

Contact me:

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